cartoon of authoritarian dance teacher forcing dance student's leg up

‘Teaching by terror’-
a dance teaching behaviour of the past - or is it?

How do we in the dance profession know if the decisions we make are ethical ones? How do we know what is the right thing to do? How do we consider the impact on our students, dancers, colleagues and fellow dance professionals of what we say and do in the course of our work? How can the ethicsdance site help?

This site raises awareness of and encourages debate about ethical issues in dance including:-
  • ethics and the learning and teaching of dance
  • research ethics in dance
  • ethical practice in dance
  • codes of ethics, practice and conduct
Resources in the form of articles, papers and documents about ethics and dance are available to download for free in PDF format. Visit the downloads page to see what is currently available. Bookmark this site so you can check back regularly to find out what is new.

Check out the education and courses page for information about seminars and workshops and visit the research page to find out about Sho's PhD research.

A further aim of the ethicsdance site is to encourage lots more ‘ethics conversations’ within the dance profession. You can do your bit by having an ‘ethics conversation’ with your dance friends, students or colleagues.

The ethicsdance site emerged from doctoral studies into ethics and dance by dance and health education consultant Dr Sho Botham